iNisys (inline NVH inspection system)

Inline NVH Quality Inspection System

iNisys, NVH inspection Application, is a multi-channel frequency/order analysis application based on the Re-sampling Method.

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TEMS(Transmission Error Measurement System)/GDMS (Gear Dimension Measurement System Double Flank Tester)

Gear Transmission Error(SFT) / Gear Dimension(DFT) Measuring Test bench

Transmission Error / Gear Dimension Measuring Test Bench can be applied to gear production lines to manage the quality of gears.

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VMS (Vibration Monitoring System)

Vibration monitoring system

Vibration monitoring system is a system that monitors and diagnoses target objects constantly through following four steps: measurement, analysis, judgment, and notification.

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PDSA (Portable Dynamic Signal Acquisition)

Portable NVH measurement system

As the portable NVH measurement instrument, PDSA provides not only vibration level measurement and frequency analysis functions but also vibration monitoring and FRF test.

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iBalance (Inline Balancing System)

Inline balancing system

The in-line balancing application, iBalance implements digital and polar coordinate display of the unbalance amount and angle, and real-time vibration and index signals can be checked.

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PIMA (Inline Modal Analyzer)

In-line percussion sound measuring device

PIMA ; The percussion acoustic measuring application is able to detect product defects through the modal analysis principle, and can be applied to the production line to manage product quality.

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MDPS NVH (Motor Driven Power Steering Noise, Vibration, Harshness)

Steering system operation noise automation tester

It contributes to the improvement of steering quality by inspecting the noise generated from the EPS gearbox of through reaction force control system on MDPS such as Motor operation noise and rattle noise and other abnormal noise.

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